Deelishis shows her goodies


What happened to the wholesome image Deelishis was pushing on the Flavor of Love 2?!  Musta went right out the window, with her and Flavor Flav’s bogus relationship.


9 Responses

  1. nah yall know shes afat ass pig!

  2. Gross! Dat’s nasty she tits are all saggy I mean I kno she got a baby but she should also kno dat da aint da way 2 b posin if dey look like dat!

  3. you do not look deelishis you look nasty.

  4. Dem Titties Bomb She Bomb Her Nipplez Dat Pretty Mocha Ill Hit Dat All Day

  5. Delishis look like a man and she is so big da pics r a mess

  6. She’s a man wit a wig and a horse body

  7. if u notice all the haters are girls haten ass

  8. look real nasty u aint want nothin with my girl new york saggy breast ,saggy ass and saggy pussy no wonder flav left ur ugly ass

  9. All you muthafuckas can suck a muthafuckin dick. Deelishis your sexy body has alwayz been on point. Fuck y’all bitch ass haters. Those titties are nubian/ebony titties. If you don’t like the pics, stay the fuck off, COCKSUCKAZ!

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