Wanna be in a Tyler Perry Production

SINGER (SINGERS ONLY–no poetry, no rap–SINGERS ONLY) and you think 
that you have what it takes to be in one of Tyler Perry’s shows here is what you 
need to do.

Please follow these instructions very carefully because we have set a 
system in place. So you have to follow them to the letter.

1. Send a video of you singing one song.
2. The song must be sung a cappella–no music, no tracks, no 
band–just your voice.
3. Before you start to sing the song you must say your full name, 
phone number and age.
4. You must be 18 years or older by May 18, 2007.
5. The song that you sing has to be either from one of my plays or one 
of my movies (no exceptions).
6. You are the only one that can be on the video.
7. The video must be in either VHS tape format or DVD
8. Mail the video via regular US Mail.  No Fedex, No UPS, No registered mail.
The mailing address to send the mail to is:

541 10th St. PMB 122

Sorry your videos WILL NOT BE RETURNED TO YOU.


Also your image and video may be used on a live taping of one of my shows.

The contest deadline is May 18, 2007 , all videos must be in by 
then. They will not be accepted after that date.


9 Responses

  1. I am an Hospice Chaplain raised up in a Baptist preachers home in Greenville SC. My father is somewhat like Martin king in a smalle way. I was the first to go to intergrated schools there and there is a street named after dad. I have been told many times that I should contact Mr Perry concerning entertainmant. I’m told I have undiscovered talent with no way to expose it. Please write me back if you will consider meeting me for further venture. Thanks!!! Thomas L. Francis

  2. mr. tyler perry i would like to know if you have any spots for extra’s in the next movie you make if you do have spots left please give me a chance. lynn porter thank you.

  3. Tyler, Hi I would like to know how you select your hair stylist (babers) for movies, plays and personal use. My husband is a very talented baber and we are relocating to the Atlanta area the end of June. I would like to find out how he could apply to be your personal baber or for one of your upcoming movies and or plays. Any feedback you can give i would love and he can provide pictures of his work as he has designed serveral baber posters. Thank you for the time

  4. Hi Mr. Perry,

    I was wondering if you would like a new story line that is very interesting for an upcoming movie you would like to make. My name is Sangeetah Sukhnandan and my contact information is 718-300-0576/e-mail info. sangtina1@verizon.net. It is a very interesting story. Thank you.


  5. Hello,

    Can I come by your production company and drop off a headshot? My name’s Cheniqua Blaggrove, a recent grad of Howard University with a BFA in Acting. cheniquaoliviaAgmail.com God Bless. Peace

  6. Good Afternoon ,
    Hopefully Mr.Perry will read this ;I have a very talented 13 year old son we live in cleveland, ohio and there is not much here for him to audition for .His name is Ronell and he sings dance and acts, I know that all parents say their children are great but if we could get a chance to show you i will get him to the location, all we need is a chance.
    Thank you , Lakisha

  7. j

  8. Hello,

    Can I come by your production company and drop off a headshot picture? [you can email me the address]. My name is Cheniqua Blaggrove, a recent grad of Howard University with a BFA in Acting. Please contact me back! I am highly motivated to move on and achieve another goal of mine. cheniquaolivia@gmail.com God Bless. Peace

  9. hi i was just wondering is there anything else you have to offer for auditions since this deadline has passed and can you please reply at my email- chocolikbunny@yahoo.com

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